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13 Fatal Errors (and how to avoid them)

Based on the book by W. Steven Brown

Build a toolbox of proven techniques that will help your team be more effective.
For all levels of leaders.

Course Overview

The “Bakers Dozen” of management pitfalls described in 13 Fatal Errors That Managers Make (and how you can avoid them) by W. Steven Brown is a tremendous resource for all managers who dread going to work or are overwhelmed after getting there. The desire to get a team performing at an optimal level is the first and highest calling of a manager.

This webinar or conference call format allows for sharing and learning from fellow participants who talk about real life situations. Along with your accountability partner each attendee will work at a pace that allows for true learning and an ability to apply one of the 13 Fatal Errors each week.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the 13 Fatal Errors and their impact on day to day team member production.
  • Be able to identify the errors you are having and apply appropriate counter measures.
  • Strengthen management relationships across business units company-wide by first identifying, then working together for a consistent management message.
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Course Highlights

  • The 13 Errors
  • Counter Measures
  • Accountability Partner Pre-call / Post-call work

Training Delivery

14 Webinars or Conference Calls

All TDA courses are client-specific and rely heavily on experiential learning including exercises, activities, roleplaying and continuous feedback.