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Leading a Diverse and Inclusive Team

A key to helping leaders maximize the contribution of their teams. For all leaders at all levels.

Course Overview

While diversity is an important topic in today’s workplace, it’s important to also consider inclusion.

Creating a culture that values diversity in culture, ethnicity, background and mores can be challenging. By respecting, developing and leveraging employees’ differences, you can create competitive advantage.

This course helps provide elements necessary to foster diversity and inclusion while celebrating differences in a way that can help your team thrive.

We will provide guidance on how to avoid potential problems and how to maximize your own strengths through diversity and inclusion.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the fundamentals of diversity
  • Discovering the effects of a diverse workforce
  • Leveraging what we can learn from each other
  • Understanding how diversity and inclusion work hand in hand
  • Learning the principles of creating a diverse and inclusive environment
  • The impact of communication
  • How to communicate effectively with different cultures and different generations centered around respect
  • Help team leaders and employees commit to what they need to do to raise their level of inclusion and appreciation of diversity in the workforce

Course Highlights

  • What to do if you’ve said the wrong thing
  • Definition of diversity
  • Components of inclusion
  • Benefits of an inclusive and diverse workplace
  • Cultural sources of conflict at work
  • Building trust through respect and understanding
  • Keys to active listening

Training Delivery

1 Day Class

All TDA courses are client-specific and rely heavily on experiential learning including exercises, activities, roleplaying and continuous feedback.

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