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Essentials of Professional Presentations

Learn the fundamentals of presentation skills that wow your audience,
hold their attention and effectively transfer knowledge and information.

Course Overview

“Death by Power Point” A phrase heard far too often in organizations both public and private.

In this course you’ll learn the key elements that profssionals use from preperation to presentation.

Excellent presentations can be a career advancer or a career ender. This seminar can help leaders and individual contributors hone their skills so they shine not stick out.

Learning Objectives

  • How to develop a presentation
  • How much is too much, how many is too many
  • The KEY mistakes many presenters make
  • The GOAL of all presentations

Course Highlights

  • Types of Business presentations
  • Getting your listeners to change
  • Knowing your audience
  • Prepare in stages- Breaking down your topic
  • Strong openings set the stage
  • Arranging your presentation for maximum impact
  • Using your time wisely and keeping your audience engaged
  • Transitioning from point to point
  • The wrap up
  • The power of scripts
  • How to handle push back and questions
  • What to do if you’re charged with delivering bad news in a presentation
  • Tricks for technical presentations
  • Guidelines to follow leading up to a presentation so you don’t miss a thing
  • Ready but nervous? Get yourself in the right frame of mind

Training Delivery

1 Day Class

All TDA courses are client-specific and rely heavily on experiential learning including exercises, activities, roleplaying and continuous feedback.

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