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Time Management Skills Training Course.

Moments can’t be saved or made up. The only option is to use it wisely.
For all levels of leaders.

Time Management Skills Training Course Overview

High stress levels, missed deadlines and manager/employee conflicts are all situations that lead to poor performance, turnover and job dissatisfaction.

If you feel that you’re being pulled in 10 different directions at once and your desire is to have a proper work/life balance than all we can say is, “It’s About Time”.

This course will add structure to your day and help you use your time wisely so you don’t end up worrying about work at night or over the weekends.

With tips and techniques drawn from experienced trainers and from business gurus this is an impactful way to strengthen your game so you can accomplish more in a shorter amount of time with a higher sense of accomplishment.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify how you spend your time
  • Look at your personal time robbers
  • Organizing your day with an effective personal plan
  • The relationship between goals and priorities
  • Master task lists and daily to do lists
  • Meetings that matter
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Course Highlights

  • Tried and True Tricks for Kicking off Your Time Plan

  • Smart Goals Lead to Success
  • Time Activity Ledger
  • Your Daily Plan

  • Prioritizing Your Plan

  • The Delegation Dilemma
  • Effective Communication Tools
  • Past and Present Organization Tools
  • Running Successful Meetings
  • Assess Your Stress

Training Delivery

6 Hour Workshop or Webinar

All TDA courses are client-specific and rely heavily on experiential learning including exercises, activities, roleplaying and continuous feedback.