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TDA Testimonials

Don’t take just our word for it! See what our clients have to say about our services!

“The training course was beyond helpful to me and I will implement these skills to my day to day thought process.”
– Supervisor, Values-based Leadership Participant

“The training exceeded my expectations. It was excellent.”
– Supervisor, Values-based Leadership Participant

“It was hands down the most valuable training session I’ve had at [Client Name] so far.”
– Supervisor, Values-based Leadership Participant

“Best training I’ve attended, appropriate, realistic to today’s work environment, relevant.”
– Supervisor, Values-based Leadership Participant

“Great class. Very informative. Thank you for keeping us involved while letting us keep an eye on our teams. Keep up the amazing work you do!”
– CS Lead, Making the Leap Participant

“Kris Diershaw was an amazing trainer who was able to give relevant examples.”
– HR Manager, Making the Leap Participant

“Loved this workshop! Very helpful & interesting. I enjoyed Kris’ teaching method and his energy. He was a lot of fun!”
– Supervisor, Making the Leap Participant

“A very revealing class. I now know why I work so hard and get so little done.”
– Director, It’s About Time Participant

“Real and practical ways to organize, prioritize and raise my effectiveness in less time!”
Asst. Manager, It’s About Time Participant

“Raised my production, lowered my stress! This workshop helped me towards work/life balance.”
– Team Lead, It’s About Time Participant

“The practical exercises will make this workshop so valuable in everyday interactions!”
– CSA, Purpose-driven Customer Service Participant

“By understanding the basic needs of customers and comparing them to my approach I uncovered why so many of my interactions were so hard! I feel like I’ve been given many tools to use moving forward.”
– Customer Service Manager, Purpose-driven Customer Service Participant

“By understanding how customers listen, I can now better help them hear with a better chance of being successful with them.”
– Order Clerk, Purpose-driven Customer Service Participant

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