It’s that time, once a year when we reflect on freedom and what it means to us. For many, it is a holiday week filled with fun and sun. The occasion of July 4th is the time we celebrate the uniqueness of our republic. The way we can agree to disagree. The way we can speak our thoughts aloud or on paper and be protected.

Its also a time to appreciate the great experiment America’s formation represented. Freedom is attainable but only with risk. In 1776, no one knew what the outcome would be. Against a backdrop of global government instability, with succession debates in England and civil unrest in France, the signers of the Declaration of Independence decided to start anew with a form of government that had not yet been tried. They were fearful of placing power centrally, so they placed most decisions with states. To ensure no one group would be the sole owner of power, checks and balances were put in place to limit the strength any one branch of government could accrue.

Roles and responsibilities were clearly outlined along with communication expectations throughout the government branches. The people were given the power of the vote, but not outright democracy in order to balance population centers and the influences of less populous states. Looking at the symmetry and how its stood up to the test of time is awe-inspiring.

There are lessons for entrepreneurs here. Organizational structure and the clarity of roles and responsibilities can have an enormous impact on the success of your endeavor. It can also have undue bearing on your sense of freedom, too. With poorly defined roles and responsibilities, many small business owners feel like they need to be everywhere doing everything. The freedoms they took risks for seem so difficult to find.

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