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13 Fatal Errors (and how to avoid them)
The “Bakers Dozen” of management pitfalls described in 13 Fatal Errors That Managers Make (and how you can avoid them) by W. Steven Brown is a tremendous resource for all managers who dread going to work or are overwhelmed!
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Competing Priorities, Many Projects and Missed Deadlines
We’ve all felt it. The pressure builds as we fall further and further behind in our work. We possess the ability to complete the assignments however our works suffers because we are pulled in so many different directions. As a result, mistakes are made, commitments are missed and conflicts develop within our departments.
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Getting the Monkeys Off Your Back
If you’re a manager with too much on your plate the question is, “Who put it there?” You may not like the answer. This webinar/conference call series is for those managers who seem to end up doing all or most of the work that their team should be doing.
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Making The Leap From High Potential to Ready Now!
It happens in every organization. One of the management team leaves for another opportunity. Desperate to fill the void, you look at potential replacements and focus on the best employee to take the job. Ensure your individual contributors are ready to move into leadership roles.
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Purpose-Driven Service
In the age of instant feedback via review sites and social media, service is becoming a key element in client decision making. Every complaint needs to be viewed as an opportunity to improve the services you offer.
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The “Good Finding” Coaching Model
Employee performance improvement is directly linked to effective coaching on a regular basis. Leaders in today’s business environment learn the keys to developing employees by helping them reach their potential.
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Values Based Leadership
People in business have been saying for years that today’s workforce is a departure from those of the not too distant past, that none of the “old ways” of managing people seem to work anymore. Yet they continue to try to use what worked in the past with less than favorable results.
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