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Sexual Harassment training Program

Keys to understanding the impact and minimizing your organization’s risk.

Sexual Harassment Training Program Overview

The need for sexual harassment training have risen as the issue continues to have devastating impacts on individuals and organizations. From top to bottom your management team and employees need to have a firm grasp of the fundamentals of harassment.

Many organizations find themselves involved in litigation because they failed to take preventative measures to protect the complainant and the company. Whether accusations are true or false following sound processes help mitigate the impact to all involved.

Don’t focus on getting around the issue, focus on building a corporate environment where zero tolerance policy becomes the norm.

Everyone including the company wins.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to legally define and understand the facts about work place harassment

  • Discovering what constitutes harassment

  • Different forms

  • Understanding “unwelcome” conduct
  • Review and build your organizations “Zero Tolerance” policy
  • The impact of communication
  • Learn to identify hostile work environments
  • Learn the steps necessary to protect yourself and your company

Sexual Harassment Training – Course Highlights

  • Eliminate hostile environments

  • What actions constitute sexual harassment

  • Conducting the investigation
  • Understanding EEOC guidelines
  • Unacceptable verbal, physical and visual actions
  • Applying the “reasonable person” standard
  • Identify the warning signs
  • Obligations and requirements of the organization

Training Delivery

1 Day Class

1 hour personal coaching follow up per employee (optional and not included in workshop pricing)

All TDA courses are client-specific and rely heavily on experiential learning including exercises, activities, roleplaying and continuous feedback.

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