Make a good impression!

Not so long ago, one would post a job and wait for the flood of qualified applicants. Today, with unemployment below 4% nationally and even lower in some places, it’s not so easy to get the best candidate to commit.

During the hiring market, it was easy to take your time, have candidates jump through testing and interviewing hoops and still have a great chance to land the best person. Applicants would be willing to wait long periods of time without hearing from you. You could be quite vague in outlining “next steps”. That’s no longer the case. If you want skilled, energetic employees, you will need to treat them differently to maintain their interest in your open position (before getting them to consider your offer)

Candidates need to be wooed from current employers or back into the workforce from entrepreneurial endeavors. You will need to be clear about how the interviewing process will work, providing whys and key dates that are solid. Candidates believe they will never be treated better by your organization then they are treated during the interviewing process. Candidates understand that everything is negotiable… maybe not within the salary bands for your organization, but vacation days, personal days, work-from-home days and other non-monetary benefits can act as incentives to get candidates to say “yes”.

You may want to consider outlining your hiring process and taking a good look at it from the candidate’s point of view. Improvements may be in order if you want to keep your organization filled with the best new hires for your open positions.

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